Welcome to Mintr!

A web app for minting Chia NFTs.


The following table lists the features supported by Mintr beta, with indicators of whether they are available in the Basic and Pro versions. The beta includes all basic and pro features.

Basic Pro
Fully decentralized
Create NFTs and collections from scratch
Import partially or fully complete NFTs and Collections
Autofill or manually create metadata for each NFT
Upload all assets, metadata, and licenses to IPFS
Validate all assets and their hashes
Mint NFTs on Chia
Monitor progress of each process
Supports all assets (image, video, 3D object, documents, ZIP files, etc)
Full catalog search and sort
Batch operations
Multi-component assets
Extended metadata
Media transcoding
Rarity scoring & filtering
Sell offer creation

Getting started

  • Beta demo videos are available on YouTube.
  • Alpha version of Mintr can be accessed here. (alpha will be deprecated upon conclusion of the beta)

Before using Mintr to mint NFTs you will need to set up a few things first:

  1. Download, install and run Chia in wallet mode (Farming mode/full node is required for bulk NFT minting) Chia Downloads

  2. Get free XCH from Chia's official source. Chia Faucet

  3. Create your DID and NFT wallets. You can follow this YouTube tutorial from the xch foundation. NFT1 (Chia) Minting tutorial

  4. Get your API key for uploading to IPFS using Mintr's "basic" mode. NFT.storage

  5. Create a Collection ID (UUID v4) for your collection. UUID Generator

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Chia's NFT Developer Guide

Chia's official documentation, including step-by-step instructions for getting started.

JSON Schema Validator

A JSON validator with the Chia NFT metadata schema loaded.

Source Code

mintr-web (alpha)

The source code for the ALPHA version on GitHub.